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                 Current Public Works Projects Progress Report

This report outlines all active projects the Public Works Department is currently working on.  Click here for Work completed through October 2019



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New Sitka Seaplane Base (SPB)

Project Description: 

The City and Borough of Sitka (CBS) is proposing to construct a new seaplane base (SPB) on Japonski Island to replace the exisiting SPB, which is deteriorating and in poor condition.  A masterplan for a new SPB was completed in 2002. Additional siting studies were completed in 2012 and updated in 2016, to identify the best location for the new facility. Tha Japonski Island site was identified as the preferred site.  CBS has now received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funding for further planning and environmental studies on the proposed new SPB.  Environmental review, under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), is required before the FAA can approve funding for the airport land acquistion, design, permitting and construction of the facility. FAA typically pays for 93.75% of the project costs.


For more information about Sitka Seaplane Base - click here



Critical Secondary Water Supply

Project Description: 

CBS needs a reliable, safe source of drinking water to serve to the public for when the Blue Lake penstock is down for maintenance, or for when there is high turbidity in the Blue Lake raw water. This project will design and construct a water intake in Sawmill Creek and a filtration plant at Gary Paxton Industrial Park to meet these needs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Project Overview:

The following is the link of the overall project information that was presented to the assembly and the public.


FAQ Critical Secondary Water



Cost Estimate Update, September 2019

Sawmill Creek intake Memo, July 2019

Backwash Disposal Memo, July 2019

Dedicated Water Supply Report, January 2018

Filtration Evaluation for Critical Secondary Water Source, April 2019

Summary of Design Considerations

ADEC Compliance Order by Consent Determination, May 2019



Sitka Police Station Study

Project Description: 

The Sitka Police Station Planning Study, completed August 2019, is an initial planning and programming study that takes a preliminary look at the spatial needs for a new police station and jail, based on the Sitka Police Station’s existing operations and the standard sizes of the spaces required to perform those operational activities.  The study is intended to provide a comprehensive go-to document that captures the efforts, investigations and known project information to-date.  Design of the facility will be implemented at a future time where its final size and amenities will be determined along with its location, based on future funding and the other ‘next steps’ listed in the attached study.



Final Police Station Study