New Sitka Seaplane Base (SPB)




SPB Project Update 9.25.2020

Concept E Uplands Plan with Typical Sections 11.03.2020

SPB Pilot Meeting PowerPoint Presentation



The existing Seaplane Base has been operating for 65 years and is at the end of its useful life.  The Assembly passed an action plan to construct a new facility just inside the breakwater on Japonski Island (end of Seward Street) making this a top priority to secure Federal Funding, land, and ultimately construction.  Federal funding is anticipated to cover 93.75% of the cost of construction and another $150k per year in entitlements for the Airport Capital Improvements Program (ACIP).  For this reason, it is essential for the project development to follow the required Federal funding process anticipated to span four years. 


There are 5 main phases required to complete to be eligible to proceed to the next stage and receive Federal funding:

     1. Planning and Environmental Review (current funded stage): Complete early 2021

     2. Layout plan (current funded stage):¬†Complete early 2021

     3. Land acquisition (not funded until EA is completed and approved): Summer 2022 

     4. Design/Final Permitting (must build or give back FAA funds): Complete Summer 2022

     5. Construction:¬† 2023-2024



New Sitka Seaplane Base Fact Sheet

New Sitka Seaplane Base Development

New Sitka SPB Location Map

New Sitka SPB Project Concept Map


1. Aviation Stakeholder Meeting Notes & Presentation 12.11.19

2. Public Meeting Notes & Presentation 12.11.19

3. Agency Meeting Notes.& Presentation 12.12.19


2012 & 2016

The Seaplane Base Siting Analysis presentation was delivered in 2012 at public meeting in Sitka. The presentation reviewed the need for seaplane base (SPB) improvements in Sitka, summarized the SPB site selection process, and recommended a preferred site for detailed planning and environmental review prior to design and construction. The siting analysis was updated in 2016.

2016 Siting Analysis Update

February 17, 2016 Public Meeting Notes

2012 Seaplane Base Siting Analysis Presentation

2012 Siting Analysis



Sitka Seaplane Base Master Plan 2002



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