New Citizen Web Request Form Now Online

The city is now introducing a web feature which citizens can use to on-line initiate commonly requested work items from city crews. The feature is a customer interface page.  It allows citizens to initiate requests in a variety of areas.   It works like this:  a customer clicks on the following link:

City of Sitka iWork Request Web Page

This brings up the Citizen Request Page. It is a simple form with a drop-down menu for topics, and fields to enter basic information.  When the customer clicks “submit request,” an email work order is automatically generated that goes to the city staff member associated with that request category. 

Requests to fill potholes go to Streets, to fix streetlights go to the Electric Dept, etc. When you submit the request a ‘request number’ displays; you can check the status of that request by clicking on the “check request” button and entering the request number.

We believe this will be easier for our customers because they don’t need to know who to call with a request – based on topic the request automatically goes to the right person.  And the system is available 24/7. 

We will look forward to your feedback on this new feature and hope it will be a convenience to our citizens. City of Sitka Iwork link