Library Services


III. Library Services


 3.1 Staff


Sitka Public Library staff select, acquire and organize library materials and assist in providing free and equal access to informational, educational, cultural, and recreational resources to meet the informational needs of its patrons. Library staff will provide assistance for individuals seeking information.


3.2 Cooperation


As cooperation promotes effective and efficient Library service, Sitka Public Library staff actively promotes cooperation with other libraries to improve services in Sitka, Alaska and throughout the nation.


3.3 Interlibrary Loan


The Library will participate in interlibrary loan services to supplement and enhance its collection and those of other libraries. Material not part of the Library’s collection may be obtained through interlibrary loan. Books are received via mail service from other libraries, and serial citations are generally received via fax. Most reference and many audio-visual materials cannot be obtained through interlibrary loan.


3.4.  Volunteers and Friends


3.4.1 Volunteers


We encourage individuals and groups to volunteer their time and efforts in the service of the Library. The Volunteer Program is designed to expand and enhance public service to the community. Volunteers generally provide support services to paid staff and/or work on special projects. Volunteers learn more about the Library and its place in the community and observe first-hand the way the Library serves the community’s needs.


3.4.2 Friends of the Library


The Friends of the Library is an association of people who plan and execute programs and events to benefit the Library. In particular, the friends group is involved in fund-raising for the Library.


 3.5 Confidentiality


Library circulation records are confidential (Alaska State law 09.25.140). Names, addresses, and other personal information about people who have made inquiries or used library information sources shall be kept confidential except upon court order.


3.6 Hours


Library services will be provided during the hours which meet the needs of the community within the limits of budget constraints and staff availability.


3.7 Bulletin Boards


The bulletin boards at Sitka Public Library may be used to publicize meetings and other activities sponsored by community groups. Limited space generally allows only short-term posting. Posting of materials for financial benefit are prohibited.


3.8 Solicitation


Solicitation of the public or the staff is not permitted on Public Library property. Solicitation refers to the sale or distribution of merchandise, sales materials, tickets, insurance, coupons, magazine subscriptions, political campaign material, or anything not connected with the work of the Library.


3.9 Emergency Closing


Emergencies or catastrophies, including, but not limited to, extreme weather, utility failure, bomb threat, fire, explosion, or terrorism may require closing the Library. The primary consideration in any emergency or catastrophe is the safety of all persons in the building and on the property. The Library cooperates fully with public safety departments and emergency safety providers. The Library Director or, in his/her absence, the Acting Director, will determine when to close the Library during an emergency or catastrophe.


3.10 Programs


The Library offers a variety of programs for children and adults to increase the use of the Library, to promote good public relations and understanding of the Library’s services and objectives.



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